James Alphonse

Web Developer from Cincinnati, Ohio

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Front-End Languages




CCS3, Bootstrap 4, Response Design, Font Awesome


ECMAScript 6, React, jQuery, AJAX

Back-End Languages


Data Storage Languages


Microsoft Access Databases, Oracle Databases, PHPMyAdmin


Programming Languages


Visual Studio, WPF, Windows Forms Application, Unity Scriptingn


NetBeans, IntelliJ, Android Studio, Android Programming

Gensuite LLC

Associate Product Developer, March 2016 - August 2017

App Refresh Initiative

The "App Refresh" initiative was a major project that brought about an all-encompassing modernization, restructuring & recoding of every Gesuite web application. I worked on over 10 applications during this project.

  • Greatly reduced application load times through reworking of back-end ColdFusion programming & SQL services (~60 seconds -> 10 seconds).
  • Visually overhauled application interface through introduction of modern coding techniques such as responsive design & technologies such as Bootstrap 4, jQuery & Font Awesome.
  • Made applications easier to use & more simple through usage of AJAX to submit & retrieve data from the server in live-time.

Keeping Promises

While working through a bug one day I discovered some code that seemed to belong to an unfinished legacy project.

  • Followed code trail & contacted relevant Gensuite managers to request permission to pursue the issue.
  • Worked closely with Gensuite customer services employees to fix & test customized form addition according to guidelines set by client.
  • Released project to production & completed contract with client to earn remaining project funding.

Developed critical internal tool

Gensuite managers needed an internal tool to search & update Gensuite employee information so that they didn't have to interact directly with the database.

  • Created interface using Bootstrap 4, jQuery & AJAX to display, search & update employee information in a searchable & order-by table.
  • Used ColdFusion to pull necessary files & libraries together to form back-end logic.
  • Used SQL to submit and retrieve any relevant information in live-time via AJAX.

Kroger (General Office)

Email Coder Intern, May 2015 – November 2015

Email Advertisements

Coded email advertisements sent to thousands of Kroger customers using designs from creative team


Communicated technical limitations and guidelines to non-technical designers


Consistently delivered high quality content to Kroger customers nation-wide under tight deadlines